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Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches IV

I don’t know if I’m ever going to adequately explain how thorough Cooper is among an industry filled with so many wild cards. From the get go, Cooper had an intricate set of assignments planned within an even more organized timeline for my apprenticeship.  “We’re going to divide this apprenticeship into three parts. The first […]


Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches III

Aaron Della Vedova (tattoo artist and owner of Guru Tattoo) and his wife Holly Della Vedova (mommy extraordinaire and co-owner of Guru Tattoo) have created an incredibly professional as well as inspirational environment for artists and clients alike. Everyday I walk through those glassy, double doors I can’t help but feel honored by the fact […]


Spirit Mask Series II

I’m proud to present the second stage of development for the “Spirit Mask” illustrations! The first blog post in this series highlighted the line drawings which are part of the prep stages in my artistic process. The pictures below show the first layer of watercolor after I’ve transferred the drawings to the paper…  So please […]


Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches II

It might not be a bad idea to provide a little background as to how I found myself at Guru Tattoo with Cooper. It was definitely one of those serendipitous moments that make you wonder if something or somebody, somewhere out there, might be watching out for those of us that appreciate the power of […]


As Issued : Keep it Simple Show II

Hello pretty people, as some of you may already know, I’ve been working away on a piece for Kevin Peterson’s “Keep it Simple” show- opening this Saturday the 29th of September over at As Issued Gallery/Bookstore in Costa Mesa, California. There will be an artists’ reception from 6PM till 10PM if you are so inclined […]


Some Sneak Peaks and Apologies! : Part IV

This entry concludes my fourth and final installment for the “Sneak Peaks and Apologies” blog series! Wow, September has been quite the repentant month… Once again, thank for being so patient during the month of August… I definitely tapped out for a little more than thirty-one days and I’m hoping that I can conclude this […]


Spirit Mask Series I

And now for, yet another, new series of illustrations… yay! Finally… I’m so happy to bring you the early stages for this new set of drawings, because they’ve been long overdue… as well as the other projects I’ve got lined up on my shelf. But anywho, these illustrations were a nice little poetic surprise and […]


Some Sneak Peaks and Apologies! : Part III

Here’s the third installment to my “Sneak Peaks and Apologies” blog series… hopefully this won’t become a habit! Thanks again for all your love and patience, I appreciate it more than anything! But now that we’re somewhat caught up on the apprenticeship and I’ve broken the news about the new book coming out in 2013- […]


As Issued : Keep it Simple Show I

Hey everyone, recently I’ve received an invite from my new friend and artist, Kevin Peterson, to join in a group show featuring hand drawn works from over twenty amazing artists. It’s coming up fast- so mark your calendars for Saturday, September 29th and check out the “Keep it Simple” show over at As Issued Gallery/Bookstore/Purveyor […]


Some Sneak Peaks and Apologies! : Part II

Here’s the second installment for my apologetic absence… Once again, so so so so sorry for playing the MIA card during the Comic Con aftermath… But! -I have so much good news as a result of this year’s San Diego Comic Con International. I must say… so happy about how everything turned out… saw some old […]