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Bic Ballpoint Pen Sketches Pt. III

As I continued to explore the limits of ballpoint pen, a bit of an internal dialogue seemed to bubble up in the process of executing more complex images in my sketchbook. After some careful editing, I found that I had written a short, three-act play featuring a stream of consciousness conversation between two characters in […]


Thinkspace : Picks of the Harvest : Work in Progress I

Crunch time is quickly approaching as I attempt to wrap up a piece for Thinkspace Gallery’s “Picks of the Harvest” show opening up March 3, 2012 from 5-8 PM. I’ve decided to take one of my three remaining pieces from the series I started back in December of 2011, and develop the visual story a […]


Bic Ballpoint Pen Sketches Pt. II

Over time, I became more confident with sketching an image from start to finish with ballpoint pen. The more I worked directly with ink, the more I realized there was “no such thing” as a mistake. When it came to expressing an idea on a page, I found that my most successful pieces were the […]


111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress IV

I’m wrapping up the last Harum Scarum blog post in San Francisco, gratefully absorbing some of the urban atmosphere I’ve missed while living in San Diego. It’s been a while since I’ve visited Northern California and within the first few hours of arriving I was graced with some serendipitous encounters from acquaintances long past and […]


Thumbprint Gallery : Works of Wisdom : Work in Progress II

The “Works of Wisdom” show opens this Saturday, January 14th from 5 PM to10 PM at Thumbprint Gallery in La Jolla. Today’s post features the final photos of my piece for the show.  Hope to see you there! Title: “Expect the Unexpected” Size: 12″ x 24″ Medium: Ballpoint Pen Shellac Ink and Gold Ink with […]


111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress III

This is the third installment of the “Harum Scarum” Works in Progress series. The photos featured below are part of my new artworks created for 111 Minna Gallery. This is their first stage of development- check back in to see the final pieces before they’re framed and taken up to San Francisco by yours truly. […]


Thumbprint Gallery : Works of Wisdom : Work in Progress I

Thumbprint Gallery presents its first show of the year “Works of Wisdom” opening next Saturday the 14th of January and running through February 5th. I’m racing to finish a piece for them in the midst of all my other work currently under development for 111 Minna Gallery and Thinkspace Gallery.  This will be my first […]


Sketches I

 The “Works of Wisdom” show for Thumbprint Gallery is coming up January 14, 2012 and I have a number of sketches that could potentially fit the bill for its abstract theme, but many of these ideas demand at least a few weeks to complete.  I’ve been waiting for an excuse to finish the drawings featured […]


111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress II

Almost all of my artistic efforts during the month of December have been devoted to accomplishing a cohesive body of work for the Harum Scarum show at 111 Minna Gallery– set to open February 2, 2012. This year was filled with some unexpected turns, and I find myself once again living at home with my […]


111 Minna : Harum Scarum : Works in Progress I

I’m really excited about this new series of work intended for 111 Minna’s “Harum Scarum” Show. Here are some examples of the art in progress. Hopefully I can make my way up to San Francisco for the opening night- it would be an awesome excuse for a road trip and a great opportunity to visit […]