Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Show : Work in Progress II

I’m getting closer and closer to the finish line with this piece… Just a few more details and she’ll be good to go for Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Show– curated by the immensely talented Mark Murphy. Once again, I am extremely humbled by all of the talent surrounding this event, not to mention the fact that it’s going to debut at San Diego’s Comic Con International this year! Wow, so blown away right now… words can’t describe… I just hope I can keep coasting on this wavelength… I thank my lucky stars everyday, as well as Mark for giving me a chance to show with all of these other amazing artists.

I’m anxious to see how everything is going to turn out… the artwork… the art show… comic con this year… But then again, half the fun is the anticipation…

Thanks for checking in and maybe we’ll meet for the first time

at San Diego Comic Con International 2012!

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