Hello My Lovelies…

As you can see, I’ve been so irresponsible about providing you with detailed updates about my life and whereabouts… Day in and day out, I’ve been working on new art projects as well as an online store, new merchandise and a more accessible web presencejust to name a few items on my “to-do” list.

Wow! …and it’s all for you, ’cause you are so totally worth it. Why? Because, I love you. I love you all for being so tolerant of my shenanigans… for following my silly Instagram photos (which have ever-so-simultaneously popped up on to my Facebook Fan Page), conveniently inundating you with the same information over, and over, and over again… as you patiently awaited my ever-so-much-more articulate news. Incredible. Yes. You… are incredible.

So, I hope you like the ever-so-futuristic facelift my Website has received over the past few months, making the site more convenient for all you super hip, smart-phone and/or i-pad carriers. I will also be in the process of closing my Blogspot account, in order to consolidate some of the unnecessary traffic between my separate Website platforms. How annoying! But guess what? Now you can just visit me at for everything you could ever need and/or want…


I know! Less is more…

So until the next update on my super-exciting experiences, life-changing decisions, and ever-so-secret projects… please enjoy this creepy picture of a tiny corner in my new abode… What? You’re moving?…

Cliff. Hanger.



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