Piñata Demon Series II

Hello again, Ladies and Gents… 
Hope you are planning a wonderful Valentine’s Thursday… 
complete with someone you love very dearly.
Anyways, here’s the second blog installment of my Piñata Demon Series. This week I’ve decided to overload you with the preliminary sketches for (what could be) the entire set of piñata demons- but lately, I’ve had a voice in the back of my mind encouraging me to create even more of these interesting little oddities. At the moment, our grand total of 26 illustrations may transform into a convenient alphabet book with a prospective debut date in 2014… but once again… we shall see… There are so many more projects on the agenda right now, so many of which I have yet to tell you about. 
But for now, please enjoy the start 
of these seductive streamer spirits.

Thanks for checking in…
and take care until next time!

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