Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches III

Aaron Della Vedova (tattoo artist and owner of Guru Tattoo) and his wife Holly Della Vedova (mommy extraordinaire and co-owner of Guru Tattoo) have created an incredibly professional as well as inspirational environment for artists and clients alike. Everyday I walk through those glassy, double doors I can’t help but feel honored by the fact that I get to be surrounded by so many talented, hard working artists. It’s definitely intimidating and motivating at the same time… I really hope that one day my tattooing will be up to par with these individuals. 

Since the official inception of the apprenticeship I’ve had the privilege of observing Cooper, a master craftsman in his element, from conception to creation to execution as he methodically plans out every single one of his epic tattoos. Watching the other artists around the shop is pretty mind-blowing as well… I love how everyone’s approach to a tattoo is so different. From the way someone handles a client, to the way someone plots and preps the part of the body that will receive a fresh new tattoo… not to mention the different techniques all the artists use when implementing a tattoo.

Hats off to Aaron and Holly 
for assembling such an incredible array 
of time tested talent.

But enough gushing… I could do that all day… 
here are some more early illustrations from Cooper’s assignments.

Thanks for checking in
and take care until next time!


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