Tattoo Apprenticeship : Sketches IX

Wow, it’s already been a year since I first started spending time at Guru Tattoo…

Soon I will start my apprentice tattoos, and even though I’ve had all this time to watch and learn from not only Cooper, but the rest of the Guru crew, the idea of tattooing someone in such a prestigious environment is still rather nerve-wracking. Hopefully I can make everyone proud by putting what I’ve learned to the test. But in the meantime, I’m still drawing away on paper… doing what I can to get ready for that day when I perform my first apprentice tattoo at Guru.

In between Cooper’s assignments, I’ve been inspired to draw some beautiful, blind beauties with broken hearts- not sure why… but they just happened one day… so please enjoy my blue bumblings.

Thanks for checking in
and take care until next time…


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